Working Candles and Meditation


Meditation offers us a time-out from our everyday routine, creating a habit around it supports your own self-care.  Creating a meditative state for ourselves can come in many different forms, it doesn't have to be in a seated position with the typical Buddha posture.  Meditation allows us to go above the noise, this is where we find clarity when the noise and distractions are put aside.

Different forms of Meditation: 

Formal: Clearing your mind and acknowledging your thoughts as they enter into the mind. 

Daydreaming: Thinking of situations, experiences in a dream-like state opens up our minds to accept things that in our everyday life seem impossible.

Mantra/Prayer: Clearing the mind by repeating a word, phrase or prayer to eliminate outside thoughts

Exercise: Yes! This counts. When exercising, people find they go into a different 'state' of focus, they feel focused and energized afterward.  

Candles have been used throughout the ages to illuminate as well as for ceremonies and rituals. Rituals remind us of the interconnectedness of all of life. Using candles in your daily meditation practice helps us create a routine, an experience, our own ritual of self-care.  Maybe it's 5 minutes or 30 minutes. The time you dedicate to your own self-growth helps you in addition to those around you.  Self-care...the only time you truly get for yourself. Light a candle, daydream something beautiful and notice how different you feel when you're done.